Spotlight on camels


Mrs. Crane has a BS in Education & a Masters in Administration. This is her 9th year teaching! When she is not at school she enjoys gardening, camping, fishing, and crafting with her family. Mrs. Crane loves teaching at Campbell because of the freedom she has to be creative!

- Mrs. Crane- 4th Grade ELA


Mr. Stevens has been in Education for 4 years. He has a BS in Communication. He likes to lift weights, spend time with his family, and watch sports. He loves Campbell because the students and staff are awesome! GO CAMELS!

- Mr. Stevens- 7-12 JAG


Gracelynn is a senior who is invovled in several things such as FCCLA, FBLA, & Cheer. She loves to draw, listen to music, and read. After graduation, Gracelynn plans to attend Mizzou and major in Psychology!

- Gracelynn Modlin, 12th Grade


Rudy is a preschooler and he is 4 years old! His favorite thing to do at school is play with the sand. He loves to be with his mommy and daddy when he is not at school. Rudy loves to spend time in his Mimi's classroom in the mornings!

- Rudy Bryant


Ms. Painter has a BS in Elementary Ed. She has been in education for 10 years! She enjoys spending time with her kids playing video games and watching her daughter compete in gymnastics. Ms. Painter loves being at Campbell because she says that you can feel the love as soon as you enter!

- Ms. Painter- k-4th Special Education


Alaric is a 1st grader who loves to play on computers and Ipads at school. Alaric likes to help his family clean the house. Zombie Island is his favorite movie. Alaric loves his teachers at Campbell Elementary so much!

- Alaric Hamlett


Sam plays basketball and baseball and is involved in STUCO, BETA, FCCLA, and FFA. He likes to hang out with his friends and play sports. He loves Campbell because is a small town with great people.

- Sam Bunting, 11th Grade


Ms. Benson has been at Campbell for 2 years. She loves watching Camel basketball, reading, and running around with her friends. She loves Campbell since she grew up here and she loves that everyone knows each other!

- Ms. Benson- HS Secretary


Lauryn is a 6th grader who loves to play basketball. At school Lauryn likes to spend time with Mrs. Snider & Coach Foster! Lauryn loves being with her dogs! Lauryn thinks that our school is so great because we have such good sportsmanship and always take care of each other!

- Lauryn Burke


Ms. Dana and has been working at Campbell for 9 years! She has a BS in Early Childhood Education and has a Special Education Certification. Ms. Dana likes to spend time with her family and watch her kids play sports! Ms. Dana loves Campbell because it is a small community!

- Ms. Dana- 1st Grade


Beckett is in the 11th grade and plays basketball. He also is involved with FCCLA, FFA, and STUCO. He likes to hunt and fish and be with his friends. He loves Campbell because he has been here his whole life and his friends are here.

- Beckett Hanners, 11th Grade


Memphis is a 5th grader who loves basketball. His favorite subject is math, when he is not at school he likes to talk to his friends on the phone. His favorite thing about Campbell is the Peach Fair and he loves our school because our teachers are great!

- Memphis Bays


Curtis T has been at Campbell for 5 years. He loves his job and likes to spend his spare time working at projects here at school. He moved to Campbell in Junior High and loves the people here.

- Curtis T. - Director of Maintenance


Darcy is involved in so much at CHS including FCA, FFA, STUCO, Volleyball, & Basketball. She likes to be involved in her church and be with her friends, She loves CHS because everyone is so involved with the students. After graduation, Darcy will attend ASU and major in plant & soil science.

- Darcy Broglin, 12th Grade