STEM Projects

Classroom STEM Projects & STEM Club

STEM 2019/20

Mrs. Bader's Class

Stem-making music with instruments we created.

STEM 2018/19

Campbell Elementary

Genius Hour

STEM Club Fun!

Sphero Battlebots

The Campbell R-II School District and our 6th grade STEM students would like to thank Associate Electric and Ozark Border for the their generous donation to our district. Donations will be used to continue to expose our students to STEM experiences.

Sphero Robotics

Stem Club students are working on programming their Sphero Robotic Balls to follow a path the students designed.

Sphero Soccer Challenge

Programming Cubelet Robots

Programming LEGO Mindstorm Robots

Students are learning to fly drones!

Mrs. Ockel challenged her students to build a tower out of plastic cups.

1st graders are building and creating with STEM