Mrs. Lori Davis

Welcome to 4th Grade!

My name is Lori Davis. I have lived in Campbell, Missouri my entire life. I attended Campbell Schools kindergarten through 12th grade. After graduating I went to Three Rivers Community College where I graduated with an AA Degree in Business Administration. Later I married Kerry Davis and had two wonderful children, Hannah and Jake. I then decided to go back to Southeast Missouri State University to obtain a degree in Elementary Education. I have taught for 14 years, and I love working with the students here at Campbell. In my free time I like to be with my family traveling, racing, and ranger riding.

4th Grade News

January 27-31, 2020

This Week

Reading - The Right Dog for the Job - Sequence of Events, Main Idea and Details, Domain-Specific Vocabulary, Summarize

Spelling - Words with Final /j/ and /s/

Language - Adverbs

Writing - Opinion Writing from Two Texts

Math - Chapter 7 - Add and Subtract Fractions

Science - Unit 1 Lesson 2 - How Do Engineers Design Solutions?

Unit 2 Lesson 1 - Energy

Upcoming Events

School will not be in session on Monday, February 3, 20020, for Teacher Professional Development Day.

School will not be in session on Monday, February 17, 2020 in observance of President’s Day/

The Elementary Auction will be on Friday, February 21st. Please help us fill our “Raking in the Cash Basket”.


Reading - Read story or AR each night.

Math - Do homework from daily lessons.

Time will be given to complete homework in class. However, what is not finished at school must be finished at home.

Spelling Words

glance judge damage package

twice stage carriage since

practice marriage baggage office

message bridge chance notice

ridge manage palace bandage

Vocabulary Words - pages 496-497 in the reader

reward graduate symbol foster

disobey confidence patiently confesses

ceremony performs

Camel Pride