1st Grade

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What's Going on in 1st Grade?

School Supply List

1st Grade Newsletter Aug. 26-30

School will not be in session on September 2nd for Labor Day.

Your child may bring a clear water bottle to school. They can only have water in it.

Special class schedules are in the handbook. Please refer to them to find out what day your child has PE so they can wear tennis shoes on that day.

On page 29 of the handbook, there are suggestions on how you can help your child with their homework. Please read over them.

Parents please check your child’s homework folder every night. Please help him/her complete the homework and put back in the folder to return to school the following day. Also please review any material that is placed in the brads of the folder; however, do not remove the papers from the brads. We will do this at school.


Please read the story for the week in their reading book with your child and be working with them on recognizing letters and sounds of the alphabet. He/she should be able to do this already; however, we know that sometimes we forget over the summer. We will be reviewing at school also.

Your child has a list of high-frequency words in the brads of his/her homework folder. Please review these nightly. It is very important that your child not get behind on learning new words because it is sometimes hard to catch up.

Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions regarding your child. We want you to be involved in your child’s education.

Thank you,

First Grade Teachers