Carson's Computer

Welcome to Carson's Computer!

Passwords need to be strong.

Rethink before you click a link, or a download.

I will be responsible on the Internet.

Don't say anything on the Internet to others unless it's nice.

Everything you do on the Internet, you need to think before you do it.

About Me: I was born on August 7th 2008, I'm in the fourth grade and in Mrs. Bunting's Class. I am also a student editor for this website. What I do as student editor is that I look for mistakes on the website or anything that shouldn't be on it.

How to be safe on the Internet

An easy way to stay safe on the Internet is to never give out your personal information. (ex. address, phone number, etc.)

If you make an account make a strong password you can write down or remember.(ex. P@ss#oRD!)

Do not use the same password on every account you make.

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