Camel Elementary Pride

We are Safe, Respectful & Responsible

The Campbell Elementary has implemented the Camel Pride Behavior Program at their school. The program is designed to promote appropriate behavior in all school settings. Teachers are actively teaching students expected behaviors and teachers are working with students on how to behave in different locations in the school. The programs three main goals are Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible.

Our belief is that the Campbell Camel Pride Behavior Program will work to enhance academic skills by teaching students behavior skills that will improve student character, build student self-esteem, and develop life-long living skills.

Camel Cash is awarded to students for behavior that goes above and beyond what is expected of them.

The Camel Pride Behavior Program uses Camel Cash as a way to reward students who go above and beyond expected behaviors. Students then have the option to use the Camel Cash to redeem prizes from the Camel Pride Store, save Camel Cash for classroom incentives, or for use at JH and HS ball games at the concession stands. The Camel Cash is used a way to reward students and encourage appropriate behaviors

All Settings

  • I will keep hands & feet to myself.
  • I will walk.
  • I will maintain personal space.
  • I will use kind words.
  • I will follow directions.
  • I will keep the school neat & clean.
  • I will take care of school property.
  • I will listen to all school staff.
  • I will follow school rules.

Camel Pride

Voice Level:

4. Outside Voice

3. Speaker Voice

2. Inside Learning

1. Whisper

0. No Talking

On the Bus: Voice Level 0-1

  • I will remain seated.
  • I will face forward.
  • I will keep the bus clean.
  • I will use a quiet voice.
  • I will be responsible for all of my belongings.
  • I will watch for my stop.
  • I will stay out of the aisle.

In the Classroom: Voice Level 0-3

  • I will stay seated.
  • I will maintain personal space.
  • I will raise my hand.
  • I will be a good listener.
  • I will be prepared.
  • I will complete assignments on time.
  • I will listen attentively.
  • I will actively participate.

In the Cafeteria: Voice Level 0-1

  • I will report spills & messes.
  • I will line up correctly.
  • I will use a quiet voice.
  • I will use polite manners.
  • I will clean up after myself.
  • I will sit in my assigned area.

In the Hallway: Voice Level 0

  • I will walk on the right side of the hallway.
  • I will walk silently.
  • I will take care of items in the hallway.
  • I will return to class promptly.
  • I will be in the classroom when the bell rings.
  • I will keep hands off of the walls.
  • I will not lean on the walls.

On the Playground: Voice Level 0-4

  • I will use equipment as instructed.
  • I will stay in approved areas.
  • I will take turns.
  • I will include others.
  • I will return playground equipment.
  • I will line up promptly at signal.

In the Restroom: Voice Level 0

  • I will allow privacy for others.
  • I will flush the toilet.
  • I will wash my hands with soap & water.
  • I will put paper towels in the trash can.
  • I will return to class promptly.

Camel Pride Themes:

Responsibility: I will take responsibility for my actions, and take ownership of my decision making. I will not allow others’ negative actions to affect my behavior.

Respect: I will do what is necessary to respect myself, others, my surroundings, and do what is necessary for others to respect me as well.

Honesty: I will be honest and truthful in my thoughts and actions.

Caring: I will care for myself and those that surround me.

Duty: I will do what is expected of me by my school and community and will hold others accountable for their actions.

Courage: I will have the strength to stand up for what is right.

Work Ethic: I will always work hard to accomplish my goals and try my best.

Fairness: I will be honest and truthful in my thoughts and actions.