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"REMEMBER...Always ask permission of a parent or teacher before giving private information in cyberspace! "

Hour of Code

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Net Smartz for Kids

Do You Know Computer Basics?

Computer Basics, The Beginning!

Microsoft Word 2003

Microsoft Word 2007

Computer Basic Lessons

adopted from mps.az.org and Kaboose for kids

Hardware (Outer/Inner)

Lesson  1

Lesson 2

Computer Basics Test - Lessons 1 and 2

Bits and Bytes

Lesson 3


Lesson 4



Lesson 5


Operating Systems

Lesson 6


Files and Folders

Lesson 7



The Mac Desktop

Lesson 8a


The Windows Desktop

Lesson 8b


Knowing Your System

Lesson 9


 Computer Care and Safety

Lesson 10


 Triumph of the Nerds


Is it Input or Output?

 Private Information @ School & Online

AR points and tests are considered private information.  Never use someone else's password to get into their account.

Moby Max, Typing Club & STAR Reading results are also private information.  

Respect your fellow students' right to privacy.

Be a Good Cyber Citizen!!

         Why are computers slow?

Computers work slower at some times and faster at other times. A slowdown usually happens when two or more programs are running at once, including programs that the user may not know about. One task has to wait until another task is finished.

Its interesting that we think our computers are slow. When computers were invented, people were amazed at how fast they were. Even today, a hand-held calculator can multiply and divide big numbers much faster than a person can. Now we are so used to computers doing complex tasks that we think they are slow when they keep us waiting for any time at all. But they are still handling information faster than we can. Highlights for Kids